Long-term resident’s EU residence permit in Poland

The long-term EU resident permit is a permit entitling the holder to stay in Poland permanently (zezwolenie na pobyt rezydenta długoterminowego UE). Continuous stay in Poland for 5 years with a temporary residence permit gives the right to obtain a permanent residence permit. Obtaining a permit for permanent residence depends on the decision of Voevoda.The foreigner is not entitled to take up work in a country other than Poland pursuant to a long-term EU resident permit issued in Poland.

The grounds for obtaining a long-term EU-resident permit (the most common) (residence cards):

  • 5 years living in Poland with temporary residence permit;
  • Stable and regular source of income etc.

We provide the following services:

  • Preparation of documents for obtaining a long-term EU-resident permit in EU;
  • Preparation of documents for submission to the Directorate of Immigration;
  • Monitoring and informing the client about the process;
  • Notary translation of documents;
  • Informational support and consulting ect.